Successfully completed projects

Examples of older projects

  •  Development of an quality assurance system for compent-manufacturing and assembly.
  •  Support for the introduction of textprocessing and documentationsystems for technical documentation ( CAP, DTP ).
  •  Development of an orderdistribution system for a taxi-company with databroadcast
  •  Several projects for real-time data aquisition
  •  Lecturer in courses about IBM-Realtime-Coprocessor for IBM
  •  Development of programs for cash dispenser
  •  Conception and development of an estimation program for an aircondition supplier
  •  Organisational analysis in production plants
  •  Consulting for erp-implementation
  •  Projectmanagement in complex client-server projects.

Investmentbanking projects examples (mostly with Murex):

  • Middle Office (Sybase, Infinity)
  • Migration from OTL to Reuters (Realtime Marketdata)
  • Implementaion of Murex MxG2000 in CRD, FX/MM and IRD
  • Realtime Services, Trading systems connected (Reuters Dealing, EBS and FX-Trader), Bloomberg via mxml, mxml Export to Middle Office
  • Migration MxG2000 to Mx3
  • Development of Tools, e.G. Import and Export of Marketdata in Java, VB, VBA
  • RTBS: Programming and customization
  • Streamlead Integration and Marketdata
  • Binary Upgrade to 3.1.32
  • CVA/PFE project: Import and calculations for Ratings and Recovery Rates. Defintion and Imports of Credit Curves ( Sector and Single Spreads)
  • Implementing new Interfaces with Murex Connectivity2.0 and Trade imports with FIX protocol, Markitwire trade integration using Qupid
  • Change Management (CTB und RTB) for Murex MxG2000 and Mx3 with Jira and ITSM